Providing Your Furniture an Antique Look

A quick search on the web will discover lots of expert furniture painters who specialize in recovering and producing antique impact on furniture.

An experienced craftsman can totally upgrade the whole appearance of practically any furniture piece you dare to offer them, with bit more than some mindful preparations and a good quality paint brush. They can transform an old broken looking chair, a worn out looking chest of draws or even a battered old cabinet and make them the centre of tourist attraction in any space of your house. Get more informaton on designer bar stools here


Artisans with lots of years of experience behind them generally come at a premium rate, however with some inside ideas, and a little bit of practice you could most likely make a really outstanding task of providing your furniture an antique look.


The first thing to keep in mind is: you are highly not likely to attain an antique look on a piece of modern looking furniture such as a: G-Plan table. Regardless of just how much prep work and what you paint it with it will probably never look antique.


So prior to you start to transform something back into time it will be wise to find the ideal sort of furniture that will not look "out of place", discover something that has a period feel and look to it.

Spindly legged tables and chairs, a chunky looking draw set or even an old cabinet are excellent items to send out on an aesthetic trip back into the past.

When you are seeking to choose the ideal furniture to transform, stretch your imagination and photo what it might resemble once you have completed the task.

There are a few various and varied methods you can you use to add a synthetic antique look to wood furniture, but by far the simplest, quickest and most common methods used by the DIY and the beginner is with a special paint called "Crackle glaze".


Crackle glaze gives an instant effect and does as the name may suggest, it offers a "crackle paint impact" to the surface of the wood and makes it look as if it was repainted years earlier.

Using Crackle glaze to turn new contemporary made furniture look old and antique is a really simple procedure and only needs a tin of Crackle glaze, a suitable paint brush and abrasive paper to prepare the item for painting, and of course read and following the directions supplied with the tin.


The instructions to applying Crackle glaze are simple, but my own suggestions are: making sure that whatever you are going to repaint is completely clean and devoid of grease, furniture polish and wax.


The most efficient way to de-grease wooden furniture is to clean it down with a cloth and methylated spirits. If the furniture is thick with polish then I suggest you use wire wool with the methylated spirits - If you experience sensitive skin then wear protective rubber gloves to secure your hands from the methylated spirits.


When the furniture piece has actually been cleaned and all the old polish has been eliminated it needs to have a really flat appearance with zero shine.


Now it is time to carefully sand down the furniture with a mild grade abrasive, and after that dust it down with a soft dusting brush. When all the surface area dust has actually been gotten rid of clean down the furniture with a wet cloth and warm water to eliminate any of the last residues of dust.


Starting from the top of the furniture you are transforming, and moving your brush in an up and down motion, progressively work your way towards the base of the furniture use an even coat of glazing, seeing to it that you do not get any runs, till all of the surfaces are equally covered.


Crackle glaze dries quite quickly - about 60 minutes - so it will not take long before your picked item is changed back into history. However, I suggest you wait for about 24 hours before you use your furniture once more.